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Welcome to Bearings point! My name is Busola, I started Bearings Point with the goal of making content more accessible to new & emerging voices in literary forms.

We are here to partner with you from inception to distribution of your content through our innovative digital App. It may feel daunting to publish your first book, first blog, first poem. It did for me when I wrote my first book, I was working in Financial Services at the time and didn’t feel I was qualified to be an author. To my amazement, I went on to sell 500 copies, mainly achieved through word of mouth, as I didn’t have the marketing budget and a global reach.

What excited me the most wasn’t the 500 copies I sold but the generous feedback I received on how one text, one quote, one story had an impact on the reader. They say everyone has a story, which is true, and I’m here to help you take your first step to realising your goal. More importantly, we would like to connect your voice, the little details you care about to your unique audience. We are not a numbers game, we are here to make an impact, if your voice influences a small group that over time amounts to a global audience, i’d be cheering for you each step of the way.

My vision is to help you release your passion.

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Dysh App Lounge is an integrated online network that delivers your creative ideas and engaging stories to your audiences. We’ve modernised how you share and discuss content with friends so that it is fun, flexible and interactive.

FOG Publishers empowers content providers to tell memorable stories through better design, typesetting, editing, printing services, and digital solutions.

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Partner with us to build an innovative digital platform and make media more accessible for all. If you are a blogger, influencer, author, or consider yourself a storyteller, we would love to hear from you. Join us today in making our vision your reality.