Young Empowering Voices

Coming from the perspective of some of the top influencers in the world, we need young empowering voices in the shape of writers, activists, and innovators.

The best thing about change is gen z influencers make a considerable impact on their communities, more so these days than seasoned icons. If you are thinking about writing as a hobby or career or if you need to write a speech, Ricochet Magazine helps young and emerging writers and speakers learn how to put together effective messages. They provide tips and writing exercises that encourage forward-thinkers to become better speakers, motivators, authors and journalists.

As seen in the young influencers 2019, Millenniums have ideas that are fresh and to the point. They teach families something new, and therefore, they develop a rapport with their neighborhoods and advocate for change. The young remove outdated barriers with the support of their peers and their illustrious personalities and voices for change. Because of this, new and emerging writers and leaders are always in demand.

Their ideas naturally give back to their communities and some, to the world. To gain attention, some unpublished writers are entering their works into the Maryland Writing Contest. Others are writing their own political cartoon series, white papers, publications, and are massively marketing their content.

When a person becomes an effective leader, only then are they authenticated and often, understood. When young innovators aspire to become writers, life coaches, business owners, and entrepreneurs, or vice versa, their communities help them succeed. It becomes a lifestyle for everyone, and they all share in their achievements.

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